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Photographs Cont.

This time I tried to make Anne look more natural (hence the 'brows), and somewhat more tired and dirty (as she was described in the RP). She has a new dress that's much more "Tortuga" than the prairie one she had before.

Hallfax was described as looking very weathered, so I gave him a scar or two, but everything else is pretty much the same.

Aaaah, Conroy! He got a complete make over. I tried to make him look more youthful and foolhardy (as he's supposed to be). I still think his hair's too high, but we'll just call it vain and run with it. I also pierced his ear. I dunno, I just think it's a nice pirate-y touch. ^#!

Everyone else. . .stayed pretty much the same except for minor details. I also made Elizabeth's dad, but forgot to take pictures of him. *Facepalms*
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